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How We Can Help You Win

Can 200 thousand publishers be wrong in choosing Adavice as their preferred gateway to their online business? Here is the WHY behind the question, why any worldwide publishers should be choosing Adavice.


Vast Advertiser PoolAccess

Every Buyer on the Planet!

Via Adavice Media you connect to every DSP, trading desk, and ad network of your choice. You create the rules and allow the buyers to compete for your impressions. You are in complete control of who can bid on your impressions, though if you'd like we will happily aide you in picking the best partners for your needs.

In addition to unfiltered access, we also provide a full array of services: from contracts to integration to billing to allow you to focus on making your business better.

This is how Adavice Media will maximize your revenue.



More Competition Means You Win!

Adavice Media enables every impression to be sold at auction, according to your rules, which means you win. In addition, we will always continue optimizing our algorithms so that your yield will improve. Our software will always be here to maximize your revenue.


Quality and Quantity Combined

More relevant ads, means they have been reviewed by real people and clever algorithms, throughout every online source possible. The review process through this algorithm, takes all quantity and quality factors you can think of, into account, starting with traffic distribution, continuing by cutting down unrelated sources that do not match the media and finalizing the process by helping you win the sources that DO match your target audience.

In other words, simply ask yourself how much time it would save you to have Adavice’s technology filter out the most qualified, optimized sources, and place them on your website – you would not need to negotiate with advertisers, filter bad sources, closely monitor their tags around the clock, or fear their credibility – Adavice will do all this for you.


Robust Reporting Tools

Our reporting tools provide you with real time data to help you understand how your ads are performing. We will show your performance against various metrics, which you can – on the other hand, use in order to boost your revenues.


Our Most Valued Client

You are our most important client. With our great support staff we can help you define your long term goals and answer all of your questions. We offer personalized support to all of our clients 24/7. We are here to serve you.

  • Dedicated account manger
  • Experienced support staff
  • 24/7 support