About Us

Adavice Media LTD is an online agency with over 20 years of experience in online digital and marketing solutions. We offer a one stop shop solution for all needs you may require.

We are a diverse group of experts and we pride ourselves on the effort that combines it all. We always look on the projects that would help us grow our teams, skills and our passion towards the digital world.

We take care of Integrating a marketing campaign by breaking it down and building a complete digital experience.

Defining scope, targets, GEOS and metrics
Conversion flow and strategy
Creative and design building
Media planning and buying
Brand engagement
Content strategy

Meet our leaders

Olga Terzian Head of Supply

Olga has joined Adavice after working 4 years in social media.

She holds a team of professional traffic managers geared to provide the ultimate performance your campaign requires.

Oksana Bulatova Senior Digital Manager

Oksana joined our team a bit more than 2 years ago, striving to become a digital marketing expert. Since then, she has excelled in the role of campaign management, satisfying worldwide businesses' requirements and goals. Oksana currently handles traffic operations, bringing effectiveness and ROI to a wide array of advertisers.

Alyona Kunitsyna Head of Sales

Sales is something that makes your life challenging and demanding: every time you should stay aware of all innovations and be the best adviser to your client. In fast-changing world sales manager is a high-skilled, reliable and customer-oriented person. Happy to be in this field for almost 4 years already, with real growth opportunities.

Viktoria Kleban Lead of Sales

Viktoria made the way from a Sales Manager to a Team Leader in the company. Supplying a full one stop solution to advertisers, gaining trust and keeping in mind client's ROI is the reason she joined Adavice.

Viktoria is managing a successful team of professionals, ready to find the most effective, business oriented solution to boost a winning campaign and another happy client.

Julia Litovchenko Senior Sales Manager

3 years ago Julia just opened the door for the Marketing World. Now she is a professional Sales Manager who maps potential partnership, devises strategies and techniques necessary for the sales process; Being in customers' shoes is one of her main approaches.

Tania Seleznova Senior Sales Manager

Tania says: "Salesman is not a job, it's a lifestyle".

Each year in this sphere made her more and more goal oriented, super communicative and passionate about her work. For now Tania holds high level negotiations and nurtures new team members.

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