Whether hosting a conference or an entertainment event, we use corporate events to bring people together to develop interpersonal relationships that couldn't exist inside the structured environment of the office.

Attending a conference is a professionally rewarding experience. Meet us in sunny Prague and Lisbon attending TES Affiliate Conference, foggy London at IGB Affiliate or at one of the biggest financial conference IFXEXPO in Cyprus. We visit a lot of great events worldwide.


Making business stronger and connecting to our business partners- international events can help : )
We are attending the most visited shows to promote the Adavice brand and meet the business partners again and again.
Feel free to track what is coming soon!


Coming soon events:
Goodness wardrobe
17.07 - 24.07

What we are not forgetting the people and animals in need and active give our assistance to the ones that need it the most. The last event was for an animal shelter in Kharkiv: lot’s of hungry cats and dogs without a home. Here we walked a lot with dogs and fed them, as well as sponsored the repair of their housing and food. It was a nice time with great and sincere emotions!
Also what is often planned internally in our office – is a “Goodness wardrobe”. The real wardrobe where every employee can leave their clothes, bags, shoes that they no longer in use anymore. Usually, such things are delivered then to boarding schools and children communities. We are trying to become better while helping other people!


Vacancy Fair is one of the best events to get to know the labour market, present the Company and find new super stars. It’s a tradition to attend once in a half a year the Vacancy Fair in our Kharkiv Universities to get unforgettable emotions and experience, as we are always open and happy to meet and get to know each of you!

Hope to see you at the next Event!

Quarterly Company Events

It’s always a good time to arrange team events and spend time together outside the office. Summer BBQ, cooking masterclasses, New Year’s parties, movie nights and Team building events. It’s always well planned and with good photo memories. Team Leaders and Office Admin Team are planning such event beforehand in order to keep a life-working balance of the whole Company.