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Push Ads
Push Ads

Profit with Push Ads: How to Use Them Effectively to Maximize Campaign's Income

What are push ads, their specifics, pros and cons. Find out the best-working verticals and useful tips for beginning!

Push ads or push notifications are widely used in the advertising world. They usually appear on a user's phone or PC devices as a notification from the browser.

You have probably received a short message on your phone that looked like this:

Message on phone

That’s a classic push notification - the best thing when it comes to increasing user engagement.
All you have to prepare is a short catchy text, a bright picture and create a campaign.

How does it work?

People all over the Internet voluntarily subscribe to push notifications. They are attractive, informative and bring no pressure - in fact you can unsubscribe from it at any moment. User subscribes in such a way:


With the help of our own database that counts more than +3 billion ad impressions per day you can reach an impressive quantity of potential users at one time!

What are the pros?

Besides the easy lead flow, push notifications have lots of advantages:

  1.  Simple creation procedure
  2.  Customized icons and texts
  3.  Reaching audience offline
  4.  Targeting all devices (except IOS)
  5.  Suitable for all types of offers

As an outcome your campaign results in:

  • Improved user viewability
  • High CTR
  • Engaged audience
  • Increase of retention rate

What about the cons?

The amount of traffic depends on targeting devices. Around 90% falls under mobiles and the rest 10% goes to desktop. Note that IOS devices are excluded in regular push traffic, as Safari browser does not support them.
So, if you need IOS targeting it is better to consider an in-page push campaign that allows such settings.

It makes sense to test both, but remember to check the sizes and orientation of your creatives to match phone/PC screens.

Tips on launching:

1) The best verticals to start with are:

  • Finance (Crypto, Forex etc)
  • Nutra
  • Mobile content
  • Betting
  • Gambling
  • Sweepstakes
  • Games

2) Get on track with the best converting Premium sources. Select them when creating a campaign:


3) Icons and text make difference
Test different creatives: change icons, big banners and notification text. We suggest adding at least 5 creatives when you start a campaign for testing them out.
Use bright and high quality creative materials to attract users, it shouldn’t mislead from the product/service you are promoting. Make the user want to interact with your ad by adding catchy short text. Boom, it converts!

4) Optimize based on your results.

5) Don’t block your traffic. Be sure your traffic is not “cut off” by excluding the latest browser or OS types ;) Check your bid settings, frequency cap settings, schedule, and rest of the objective settings that affect your available traffic volume.

6) Get insights from our team. Our goal is to help you profit. Ping your personal manager for more insights for your specific offer, and we will help you to maximize performance! :)

Share your campaign story with us at support@adavice.com, tell how classic push improved your results and receive a treat from our team! Stay tuned for more in-handy optimization secrets!

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