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Understand SOI & DOI Offers: How To Run Campaign Profitably?

Maximum insight into SOI & DOI offers. From choosing creatives to running on Adavice DSP.


Nowadays, there are a lot of options and payment models on the market to test from: CPL and CPS offers, installs with CPI, etc. Today’s topic is for everyone who is running Lead generation offers, specifically SOI and DOI!

Before starting today’s article, let’s have a look at the glossary of terms and abbreviations used in the online marketing world:

Online marketing world

We will discuss these terms in more detail later in the article. So let’s begin with a fuller insight into SOI & DOI offers!

What are SOI?

SOI or Single-Opt-In offers refer to a model where a user is required to make one step or action of registration. The examples of SOI registrations are email submissions or filling the minimal information (name, surname, phone, etc).

The Single-Opt-In offers are catchy, bright and always have visible CTAs. SOI offers are one of the most beginner-friendly Lead Generation models. They bring the most number of conversions because of their short and easy funnel. Let’s look into SOI offer’s step-by-step funnel:

Step-by-step funnel

In addition, affiliates can profit with SOI offers in developed countries more than in developing ones as the latest have relatively low payouts.

What are DOI?

On the other hand, DOI or Double-Opt-In offers represent offers with a model of two-action (or more!) lead registration. Such may include email or SMS confirmation after sign-up.

Compared to Single-Opt-In, DOI offers may have lower Conversion rates due to longer funnels. However, running offers with a longer registration and confirmation will result in more engaged and interested leads.

Here is a detailed funnel of a Double-Opt-In offer:

Double-Opt-In offer

Pros and Cons: SOI

As any other offer type, SOI and DOI offers have their own advantages and disadvantages. Every model may have cons, the main goal is to know how to run them, what settings and creatives to select.

As mentioned before, Single-Opt-In offers are perfect for beginners, as their Conversion rate will probably be higher than any of the other types.

SOI offers pros include:

- Need a low testing budget (always remember to set it according to your payout!)
- Higher CR (Conversion rate) comparing with DOI
- Easy for both beginners & experts

In general, Single-Opt-In systems help in gaining a huge database in a short time period with lead’s basic information. Despite of that affiliates face such SOI offers cons as:

- Payouts are lower than in DOI offers
- Lead quality is lower comparing with DOI offers
- High competition on the market
- Possibility of CAP (limited leads/day)

Pros and Cons: DOI

Overall, Double-Opt-In offers are viewed as more demanding, due to a longer registration and confirmation process. Furthermore, affiliates need to make more effort when it comes to campaign’s creatives in order to attract users and remind them to confirm the sign-up further in registration.

Advantages of DOI offers are:

- Payouts are higher than in SOI offers
- Higher lead quality comparing with SOI offers (engaged users)
- Lower competition on the market
- Less restrictions towards CAP (limited leads/day)

Regardless of more time needed to prepare the campaign for the Double-Opt-In offers (creatives, offer, CTAs, etc.), they bring over more interested users, thus making a higher payout per lead. On contrast to the pros, DOI offers also have disadvantages:

- Lower CR (Conversion rate) comparing with SOI
- Need a higher testing budget comparing with SOI
- More production preparation than with SOI offers

Running SOI & DOI

Now that we've looked into the SOI and DOI offer insights and summed up their advantages and disadvantages, it is time to answer the next question. How exactly does one promote them? What to focus on when choosing an offer and creatives and how to start running them on Adavice DSP?

Good question


Choosing the right creatives is half of the campaign’s success. It is as significant as any further step into creating the campaign. Before starting looking for them go through the list of significant elements of potential offers:

1) Visuals: Get ready to attract users with the landing page! The effective visuals may include:

- big pictures with high resolution
- bright and catchy colors
- moving effects on the buttons and pictures
- pop-ups, etc

2) Visible CTAs: With a lot going on the page, users may get lost so it is very important to make the CTAs (call to action buttons) clear and visible! Search for/add effects on them and use bold font if needed ;)

PRO TIP: For DOI offers make sure to prepare users for additional registration step confirmation. Include visible text or a pop-up reminding leads to finish the registration process till the very end.

3) Power words: How we love them! Depending on your offer type and targeted audience look for or try adding many emotional and power words. For example, for a sweepstake offer you may want to use such phrases as: “Last chance!”, “Enter the competition”, “Get a prize” and many more to light up the user's interest 🔥🔥🔥

Let’s take a look together at the SOI and DOI offers’ examples. As discussed before, both would be bright, catchy, have visible CTA buttons and colorful text.

It can be simple registration with just 1 simple step like in this SOI offer where the user clicks on “Enter now!” and fills in personal data.

SOI offer

The DOI offer would be almost the same except it would always have the additional text explaining the full 2-step registration. In the following examples you can see the confirmation steps presented in a list (below the CTA button in the first pic, and at the bottom of the page in the second one). Such reminders are placed for users to remember to finish the whole registration process.

DOI offer DOI offer


While researching for the offers on the online resources or designing your own, be sure to know the current market trends. Especially, when it comes to the hottest verticals and how to promote them.

Among the best verticals for starting you would find:

- Sweepstakes
- Casual dating
- Online gaming
- Gambling
- Insurance
- Finance, etc

Check our Blog article on verticals to find more about them and how to choose the best one for you on Adavice DSP!


You can find various ad types to promote on Adavice DSP: classic and inpage push, calendar push for IOS, popunder and direct click, display and native ads.

For SOI offers we recommend starting from popunder and push (classic & inpage) campaigns. They are easy to set and scale up, which is perfect for testing Single-Opt-In.

As for DOI offers it is better to start with push traffic and optimize the campaign based on results. As DOI offers have more complicated registration process, a push campaign will help in engaging with users through “personalized” creatives :)

PRO TIP: start from Premium sources campaigns, if needed you can scale up with other source groups available: standard, remnant or new!


Lastly, let’s break down push campaign creatives, because this ad model is great for both SOI and DOI offers.

Here is a checklist of testing push ads for SOI & DOI:

1) High resolution main pictures (icons are not that visible, so make sure the main pic is big and has good quality)
2) Pictures match the offer (don’t confuse the user with unmatched content)
3) Variety of content (test different visual combos to see what works the best!)
4) Rotate creatives (mix and match the variations with highest CRs)

Check out the creatives’ examples below:

Creatives’ examples Creatives’ examples

It is all for today, stay tuned for the new information on our Blog! Please write to us at sales@adavice.com if you have any questions regarding launching on Adavice DSP, our Team is glad to help you start and optimize!

Share your successful launch stories with us and what was useful for you ;)


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