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Effortless Results with Forex: All You Need to Know Before Launching

Forex offers and what to prepare before launching: ad types, creatives and affiliate checklist!

What is Forex?

Greetings to all of our partners and friends! Today’s topic is about Forex offers and how to start a campaign on Adavice DSP. This guide for affiliates was prepared to freshen up the knowledge on Forex vertical and make the launching with us even more easier! In the end of the article you will find a checklist with all necessary steps to prevent the mistakes and successfully start a Forex campaign 🙂


Let’s begin with answering the question: what is Forex? Forex (shortened from “foreign exchange”) is a type of offer that promotes trading with currency exchange. Forex is one of the largest affiliate markets where users make money on current exchange rates.

There are a lot of Forex trading types:
- spot market where users trade in real time at the currency exchange rate
- forward market where users make an agreement on trading on a set conditions (price & quantity) in the future
- futures market is similar with forward market but differentiates by centralized exchanges

Crypto trading is another big share of the Forex market that gained popularity a few years ago. As it keeps growing more people are trading Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies and earning money online. Check more info on Crypto trading campaigns in our article.

Both Forex and Crypto trading offers are great profit opportunities for affiliates as the market proceeds to grow and payouts for such offers are higher than for SOI/DOI lead generation or other options.

Forex: pros & cons

Promoting finance trading can be tricky. Each affiliate needs to not only prepare good eye-catching creatives but also a smart funnel to engage with users and turn them into leads and later into depositors.

As any other vertical Forex has its advantages and disadvantages. It is extremely important not to ignore the cons but to know the ways of smoothing the edges and minimize their effects on overall campaign performance.

Among the pros Forex vertical offers:
- High market demand: many countries have promotion options and the affiliates can choose the country Tier segment where they want to promote

PRO TIP: Tier 1 countries have higher payouts, however, they are sometimes harder to convert. Tier 3 GEOs have lower CPLs but may be less struggling with conversion rates.

- Higher payouts comparing to other verticals: the quality of Forex leads are higher than in most verticals thus the price per lead is corresponding
- High profitability and ROI: that’s logical with one of the highest payouts in the industry, but one has to remember that the best results can be achieved with advanced campaign’s optimization

Take a look at some of Forex’s disadvantages:
- Bigger testing budget compared to other verticals: with the higher payouts affiliates would need higher amounts of testing budgets before the campaign would be optimized and left on the best-performing settings (pay attention that the testing budget should be at least x3 your payout!)
- Market restrictions: each country has specific restrictions when running a Forex offer and some may even forbid them. Make sure to check the Landing and certain GEO requirements before launching
- More efforts into preparing campaigns: some may really strain their nerves when designing the Forex creatives. The vertical differs from let’s say gambling where the user acts impulsively. Forex leads need to be attracted with engaging and informative funnels, success stories and modern trading platforms

Understanding target audience

Before diving into the campaign’s creation on Adavice DSP, let’s briefly take a look at Forex’s target audience.

It is nice to think that any landing’s visitor can be turned into a lead, but it is not always the case. What is important in affiliate marketing is to understand and be able to identify your offer’s target audience.

PRO TIP: In addition, more than leads Forex advertisers value depositors. Every affiliate strives to bring their client as many depositors as possible because in the end it is what shows the effectiveness of a Forex campaign. The idea is to include both potential lead’s and depositor’s mindsets in setting the campaign’s strategy up for success.

After doing that you will be able to understand what to focus on during the campaign’s running and selecting:
1) Promotion strategy
2) Landing types
3) Funnel (prelanders, registration process, Double-Opt-In, etc)

In the picture below you will find the potential Forex leads’ types:

Forex leads’ types

While adventurer and investment seeker users’ attention may be caught by bright creatives and inviting texts, a different strategy should be used for professional investors and traders.

Creatives and funnels play a big role in the success of a Forex campaign, so in the next block we’ll explore them in more detail.


What is needed for a Forex landing page to attract users and convert? Offer’s specifics may depend on your promotion strategy: how long is the registration process, does the user need to confirm the registration and what personal information they need to fill in during the process.

Despite the differences, there are common things that each Forex landing should have:

1) Easy-to-find registration field

Don’t make the users wonder where they need to fill in the personal information, make the registration field visible on the page with a clear fill-in form.

2) Clear Call to Actions (CTAs)

Big and visible buttons will make the whole registration process easier and more comfortable for the users. Use texts like “Register now”, “Confirm”, “Proceed with registration” and others.

3) Trustable information about trading platform, etc

Not only professional traders, but also beginners would like to check the trustworthiness of the sources and statistics, so add more specific data on the landing about the successful trading stories and trading instruments.

4) Visual effects

The key to the lead’s heart are the visuals. Choose a bright, colorful landing, designed with style and taste: select matching colors, add visual effects to the buttons if possible and overall make the landing look attractive.

5) Device orientation

When choosing an offer pay attention to the device orientation settings: check how the landing looks on both mobile and desktop devices and select targeting correspondingly on the campaign’s creation panel.

Take a glance at some examples of Forex and Crypto landing pages below.

Example 1:


Example 2:


Example 3:


PRO TIP: Don’t be afraid to test several longer funnels with Forex offers. Financial landings often go well paired with quizzes, prelanders, pop-ups and confirmation pages that help build up the user's interest.

All of the landings have a bright and colorful style with engaging texts written all over the page. The first example’s clear registration field with a button pointing out the second step of the registration process is easy for users to follow. The following 2 examples added the trustworthiness points below the CTAs. These reasons would definitely keep up the users’ mood and ground their future deposit decisions and engagement with the offer.


Now the time has come to discuss the creatives suited for the Forex vertical.

We will talk about the ad types for Forex a bit later, but it is always good to start with push ads. They bring the best result with Forex offers because users feel more connection to the content through “personalized” push messages.

Always remember that push ads are supposed to have:
1) Big, high resolution pictures for classic push: money, country flags and successful people’s pictures work the best for Forex & Crypto offers
2) Icons for inpage format: test varieties of icons from envelope styles to different currencies’ symbols
3) Intriguing texts matching the landing’s content
4) Emojis

Push ads Push ads

Preparing the campaign

After choosing the landing and designing the set of creatives to test you will face the next step - creation of the campaign.

If it is your first time starting on Adavice DSP we recommend checking our FAQ article with the information that would definitely be useful for you!

On Adavice DSP there are plenty of ad types to choose from: classic, inpage and calendar push, popunder, direct click, display and native ads.

The best-working verticals for Forex offers that we suggest starting with are:
- classic push
- inpage push
- popunder

Starting checklist

As promised we will finish today’s topic with a quick sum up of preparing and starting the Forex campaign!

1) Choose Forex type you would like to promote
2) Classify the target audience
3) Prepare/select a matching landing page
4) Design the ad set for testing (one set should contain at least 5 creatives!)
5) Prepare and launch the campaign on Adavice DSP

Happy to help

Launch Forex campaigns with us and send feedback at sales@adavice.com! Our Team is always ready to help you improve the results and give advice on the optimization process. Good luck!

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