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Lead Generation Keys & High Lead Quality on Adavice DSP

Advance your lead generation strategies with Adavice DSP! Tips on improving lead quality, 2023 trends, and important metrics

Lead Generation

Are you interested to run the lead generation campaign on Adavice DSP? Then, we’re here to help you succeed! Let’s talk about what lead gen offers are and what affiliates need to know before launching.

Lead generation campaigns attract potential customers of the product to engage with the offer. Many advertisers use lead gen to gather databases and stay in touch with interested users. The variety of offers can be massive. The thing that unites them is the purpose of getting users’ personal information and attracting them to buy the promoted product/service or engage with the offer.

Lead generation

Advertisers reach out to affiliate marketers to successfully promote the offer and collect a relevant lead database. Affiliate marketers choose the promotion strategy based on the offer and create a campaign for the running. In addition, if not provided by the advertiser, affiliates need to identify the target audience before launching.

Another important feature of the lead generation niche is the quality of the provided leads. The lead gen’s goal for advertisers is to receive high-quality leads that are interested in their brand and are willing to buy from them. The affiliates interested in the lead gen vertical have to be prepared to receive constant feedback on the provided leads. Make sure to keep in touch with the advertiser and get ready for at-speed optimization in the process!

Pros of Lead Gen

Lead generation is one of the most popular online marketing niches. Even though it is a tough task to increase the lead-to-customer conversion rates, there are reasons why lead gen holds a special place in advertisers’ and affiliates’ hearts.

Lead gen pros:
Focus on the target audience: Lead generation is a greatly profitable niche when you know who you are targeting. Extensive target audience knowledge allows affiliates to create specific strategies and promotions. In the end, targeting and focusing on the right users will bring you highly awaited profit!
Variety of offers: As we’ve mentioned before, lead generation offers are on a wide scale. Affiliates can choose from any possible vertical and sub-categories.
High ROI: With the right settings, strategy, and high-quality traffic from Adavice DSP lead generation campaign becomes a great income source, reaching high return on investment results. It is important to use the skills and traffic combination to reap the results and effectively optimize the campaign.

Lead gen cons:
Unqualified leads: The biggest fear of the lead gen campaign is the unqualified leads. The advertiser usually gives extended feedback on lead quality. The affiliate, on the other hand, is expected to apply the result-improving changes to the campaign. As scary as it may sound, this disadvantage can be minimized by planning the optimization strategies ahead.
Quick change: Lead generation optimization needs a quick reaction from an affiliate in order to match the advertiser’s lead demand. This condition may be overwhelming to the affiliates that prefer a slower testing process and need time to apply the necessary changes.
Challenging niche: Taking into account its popularity, the lead generation vertical requires new constant creative decisions and rapid optimization. It is a tough nut to crack but only the most innovative and dedicated affiliates know how to use qualitative traffic in their favor 💪😉

Target audience & user journey

Before planning the lead generation campaign, the affiliate needs to identify and analyze the target audience. Try to get as many details as possible out of the analysis. Ask yourself a few questions in order to determine your offer’s TA:

1) Who is your target audience (age, gender, nationality, language, location)?
2) What are they interested in?
3) What websites do they go to?
4) What can get them interested in the offer?
5) What is the best way to interact with them (funnel, creatives, and message types)?

Don’t forget about the user’s journey. It is necessary to understand the concept of it and how the users think in order to find the best approach to your target audience. At this stage, think of possible optimization strategies and funnel types that will help to convert users into leads.

User’s journey

Do you have more questions? Check our PRO Guide to Target Audience in the Blog!

Lead Gen metrics

Write that down

Optimization is one of the keys to a successful lead gen campaign. Let’s discuss some vital metrics you need to pay attention to!

Click Through Rate (CTR)
CTR is a metric that shows the percentage of users who clicked on the ad. The higher it is, the better. If your CTRs are low, consider analyzing the content of your ads (based on the Landing page) and test various options. In addition, check your CTA (Call-to-action) buttons. Make sure they are engaging and don’t mislead the user.

Conversion Rate (CR)
Conversion rate is the next important ratio of the number of conversions to the number of total clicks. If your CRs are sinking, check the funnel and its complexity. Is it simple to understand and easy for users to follow? Try testing different creative approaches: for example, change prelanders or message texts. Even the best of the creatives tend to sag in results over time. If you see such a tendency, we recommend copying and re-adding the ads with the highest CR to refresh their performance.

Cost per Conversion
Cost per conversion is calculated from the total cost spent by the number of conversions. The goal of this metric is to find the most cost-effective creative/source and optimize based on the results. Find out more on the beginner-friendly optimization tricks and tips on no-tracking optimization in Adavice DSP Blog!

PRO TIP: Optimization gets x10 times easier with tracking! Integrate with Adavice DSP and check the automatically calculated metrics in the live Reporting panel.

Check our Blog for Integration Guide or ask your support manager!

Improving the lead quality

Improving the lead quality

When running a lead generation campaign you would constantly meet the problem of lead quality. A good-quality lead’s definition depends directly on the campaign’s goals. In many affiliate marketing niches, good quality lead is a synonym for a depositor. In this section, we will discuss some tips on improving the results and implementing them into your optimization practices.

1) Work with the existing statistics and data
Collect the campaign’s statistics and analyze them after the first testing period. Compare the results with the advertiser’s feedback and determine what are the main lead quality problems. Depending on the issues you can build up a new testing strategy or apply changes to the current one.

2) Use the creative approach
It is essential to attract users to the offer. Yes, the visuals are important but they are only some of what a successful campaign needs. Testing and finding the best-working strategies is time-consuming but practice makes it perfect. And if you’re out of new creative ideas, go to the forums and affiliate communities to stay on track with the trends and know-hows!

3) Keep in mind the target audience
If it is your first time launching, we recommend testing various traffic options. Adavice DSP has 4 different categories to test: premium, standard, remnant, and new sources! However, if you’ve already identified your TA, it is good to focus on it. Test out Adavice DSP's specially selected whitelists or create your own! Contact your support manager for detailed help.

4) Personalize the content
Take your ads to a whole new level with personalization. Users like to see the content that they can relate to. Use the target audience insights to create personalized creatives, text messages, and funnel. Put yourself in the user’s shoes and prepare the content they’d likely convert with.

2023 trends

2023 trends

The lead generation vertical has a bright future ahead as its popularity and actuality keep growing online and offline. Luckily for affiliate marketers, lead generation is relevant for all the verticals: Nutra, Gambling, Sweepstakes, Forex, Dating, and many more! As a professional affiliate, you need to follow the trends and be aware of the tools currently used in online marketing. The market is flexible which means the trends can be used to mix and create your own promotion strategies! Take a look at the current 2023 Lead Generation trends:

- Automation and tracking: affiliate marketing relies much on various automation tools and they make it a lot easier to analyze and optimize the campaign. By setting a tracking with Adavice DSP you’ll get our special auto-optimization tool for reaching your performance goals more effectively. Read more on auto-optimization and tracking in our Blog!
- Chatbots: Have you heard of conversational marketing? It is a professional term for using chatbots in the lead generation process. Chatbots are great for their availability for users and help guide them on the offer.
- Attractive and valuable content: Users get attracted to a value of some kind. If the offer or creatives don’t have any valuable and eye-catching information, the users are likely to pass it. This trend isn’t new but it reminds us of the content quality importance and user-engaging factors.
- Continuous lead qualification steps: Apply lead qualification steps throughout your funnel. Set the campaign settings corresponding to your target audience and use creative targeted especially at them. Such practice will help to reduce the percentage of non-qualified leads, improve your campaign’s results and create long-lasting relationships with the advertisers.

Thats all

We’re glad to make your lead generation campaign launching on Adavice DSP easier. If you have more questions please contact your personal support manager or write to us at sales@adavice.com! Looking forward to your feedback on launching lead gen and other verticals :)

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